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Spaces- One Direction

Who’s gonna be the first one to start the fight?
Who’s gonna be the first one to fall asleep at night?
Who’s gonna be the last one to drive away?
Who’s gonna be the last one to forget this place?

We keep taking turns
Will we ever learn?

Ooh spaces between us keep getting deeper
It’s harder to reach ya even though I try
Spaces between us hold all our secrets
Leaving us speechless and I don’t know why

Who’s gonna be the first to say goodbye

Who’s gonna be the first one to compromise?
Who’s gonna be the first one to set it all on fire?
Who’s gonna be the last one to drive away?
Forgetting every single promise we ever made?

Ooh spaces between us keep getting deeper
It’s harder to reach ya even though I try
Spaces between us hold all our secrets
Leaving us speechless and I don’t know why

Who’s gonna be the first to say goodbye?

We keep taking turns
Will we ever learn?
When will we learn

Ooh spaces between us keep getting deeper
It’s harder to reach ya even though I try
Spaces between us hold all our secrets
Leaving us speechless and I don’t know why
Who’s gonna be the first to say goodbye?
Who’s gonna be the first to say goodbye?

(The spaces between us
The spaces between us
The spaces between us
The spaces between us)



Who’s gonna be the first to say goodbye?

ZAYN first said goodbye!
My favorite line from One Direction’s song Spaces from their album “FOUR.” And yes, Zayn was still officially a member of the band. Ouch.

But really, in life there is always someone or even something that says goodbye. We can’t avoid that, it’s a fact of life. We just gotta learn to accept it and roll with it because for everyone that says goodbye, there is a purpose and someone comes along to say hello.




Vlogging Attempt

All right, I’ll admit it: I do not have the best editing skills. I definitely need more improvement in that area. It’s something that I wish I were better at. And truth be told, this might be the last time I’ll try out vlogging and editing it.

I’ve made the decision to stick with blogging, not because I think I’m better at it but because I am much more comfortable with working on it. Plus, I am enjoying blogging much more than vlogging.

To set the record straight as well, this is a school project. ANOTHER school-related post. Seriously, I should stop soon. This blog is not for my school, it’s my creative outlet! If I didn’t care for my grades, I wouldn’t even be attempting making a vlog.

Anyway, enjoy my ratchet vlogging skills.


Forgive my ultra cheesy title that has a tune to it when I say it in my head. But first things first, I am a horrible blogger. My updates take so long and I am not updating religiously, as I should, if I want to be able to have more readers/friends. Anyway, I think the problem here is my procrastinating character and my overthinking. So I will just write. Write my little heart out.

Now I am very sure each one of us are spending their holidays, getting fat because of the abundancy of food around us. And believe me when I say this, I am starting not to get into my favorite pair of shorts. But I’m very sure that as soon as school starts back up, I will lose weight. Need I elaborate? Nah, I don’t think so. We’ve all been there. Oh and let’s not forget the presents we get which sometimes is in the form of cash? Which can help me in my allowance since I spend so much of it on food. #stresseating

Honestly, this year has got to be the laziest I’ve been spending the holidays. I have always been the most Christmasey person in the family. But this year, I became the least.Maybe it’s age or maybe it’s sheer stress. However, as I am writing now, I realize the holidays doesn’t come down to being Christmasey or getting the best presents or pigging out. It’s about having the right spirit. Having the right joy and mindset.

We have to remember that the holidays are there for us to have the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. And yes, for us to unwind. It’s about spreading love and joy. And spreading Christ.

A shorter post but it’s just for me to unwind and chill. Most especially, to get back in the game! Seriously, I really need a rhythm to get into concerning my blogging.


First Love Feels

First Love Feels

Another poem! This time inspired by first love and my fave OTP from my classroom! It’s kinda sloppy because it’s unedited, just so you know.

Enjoy lovelies xx

Will It Last?

Her stomach is full of fluttering butterflies
Her hands are shaking
His heart is pounding
His hands are sweating

Is this how you feel when you’re in love?
When you’ve met someone you feel different about?
Is this how you feel in front of someone you admire?
When you meet someone and it seems your souls are in line?

The smell of flowers become more fragrant
Little babies become cuter
His eyes become more dreamy
All this because you are in love

He leaves you notes in your locker
You send him the album of the band he’s into
He sends you flowers on your birthday
You give him the backpack he’s been eyeing

A thousand texts sent back and forth
Date nights from 8 till 10
Endless declarations of love
And a million photographs to remember by

When you wake up he is the first you think about
And she is the last you think about before you sleep
Your worlds revolve around each other
Like the planets revolving around the sun

But in the long run
As the days turn to weeks
And the weeks turn to months
The question is: will this last?

Will your little world last?
Will it be for forever?
Are you destined?
Are you mean to be?

School Life

As much as I hate to make this blog all about me, I have to for the sake of my grades and because of my persistent teacher(you know who you are!). I hate it when I post something because I’m forced to! UHHH! Honestly, I hate making my blog all about me. I want my blog to be relatable to my visitors, my readers. It’s nice to know I am not alone on this journey called LIFE, and know that I have a lot of people on this same journey.

However, this is only temporary and I will be calling the shots and posting what I want soon. Please be patient with me in the meantime!

So anyway, the topic assigned was about our school. I go to Trinity Christian School in Bacolod. I will not talk about the education I get there but talk about my favorite spots at school and my woes because of my schoolwork. Please forgive me if I become emotional, hormonal, whatever. Comment down below what are your school woes after reading, by the way!

These photos are some of my memorable and favorite spots.

So the first photo I took is a view of our “mini forest” from the covered court. I remember taking this during PE class (haha, rebel!). Looking back it was a relief I wasn’t caught- maybe I’m a ninja, an awkward ninja. Paper Towns reference! The photo below to it is from the “mini forest.”

And, guys! Meet Skelly- that’s just what I call him- the skeleton in the chemistry laboratory. He doesn’t talk much but he’s okay. He also lets me hold his hand. Below that is our hallway that is slick with floor wax and has caused me many embarrassing moments and close calls. When it isn’t class time it is filled with noise from students.

Yesterday, there happened to be a basketball game and I just took a photo of it I guess. And the last photo are some kids playing. Too cute, at least I think so.

As promised I will now talk about my SCHOOL WOES.

  1. PROJECTS, PROJECTS, PROJECTS. Quizzes, seatworks, homework, worksheets, and exams are enough. Add projects to the mix and say hello to more sleepless nights.
  2. MEMORIZING. I have a bad memory. I’m a granny.
  3. PE CLASS. I am one of the most unathletic people out there. PE is tough for me. Is it tough for you, guys?
  4. LINING UP AT THE CANTEEN. Lining up takes half of our 40 minute lunch time! So do I just inhale my food?
  5. MATH. I am very bad with numbers and I find it really hard to process a problem. If you love Math, I’m not trying to offend you and I wish I loved Math like you do.
  6. STRESS. You can’t avoid stress. If you ain’t stressin you ain’t human.

Despite my woes, I’d have to say that I do love my school. I enjoy learning. I know sometimes it’s hard and gets stressful but it’s for our future. And I must say, I am getting the education I deserve at my school. Sometimes, I get pushed to my limits but you gotta keep working. No one likes a quitter.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. -Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela also said:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela

If so, then I gotta go through high school, finish my education to change the world. My weapon is my education.

The sky be lookin’ fly

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Take an artsy photo of the hallway while it’s empty!
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


The weekend! Usually my weekends are spent at home, with me totally being anti-social and on the Internet. But this Saturday I decided to go out of my cocoon and head out to watch a movie: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2!

I went with my squad= my siblings.They laughed at me bringing around my Olympus digital camera, and joked at me being a ‘blogger.’ Even if I  don’t consider my self as one.

Anyway, we went to the SM cinema, but decided to have lunch beforehand. We ended up at Bonchon Chicken. The food made my tummy happy! Of course, along with good food comes great conversation! A fact about me is I enjoy talk over food. I really love those moments.

After lunch, we went to the cinema and bought our tickets for the movie. Despite being full from our meal, we still bought popcorn. I mean, you just can’t eradicate popcorn when you’re watching a movie. It seems wrong to go in the cinema without popcorn! Especially if it’s cheese popcorn… Oh my gosh, I am making myself hungry thinking about it.I know I’m a little late for Mockingjay Pt. 2, but better late than never, you know? I just had to watch the movie since I am a BIG fan, both of the books and the movie! I felt like I had to see the movie in the cinema right before my eyes before I could bid my favorite series goodbye. I found myself crying not because (spoiler alert if you still haven’t seen the movie!) Prim or Finnick died but because the series ended!

Anyway, a great applause to the Hunger Games! I’ll always love it, always treasure it, and I might show it to my grandchildren when they turn 13. Just kidding, I’m too young to think about that kind of stuff. But I might! You never know, you never know! I don’t want to turn this post all Hunger Games-ified, so I might make a separate post about that.

Today, I did my usual routine. I went to church with my family, ate lunch at my grandma’s, went home, and here I am, writing about my weekend. All in all, I’d say my weekend was great! Amazing even. Nothing beats the time you spend with the people you love.


Note: All photos were taken by me


I have a little note for you guys.

I am still in school and my Computer class’ topic is blogging. So my next blog posts will actually be for my class. These posts though are not gonna be boring. I will try my best to still stick to my theme. But after our blogging topic, everything will be back to normal. I might take down those posts, but maybe I won’t. So that’s just my little note.

Thanks lovelies xx