Update: Blog Repackaging

Hello again after months, everyone! I have an announcement to make.

As you can notice I have changed the theme colors of my blog. I have opted for a lighter and more minimalist feel to my blog. Aside from that I have decided to tweak my blog’s content. I want my blog to be even more relatable and helpful to my readers. I can’t really place a label on the content I am going to give but here are what you can expect:

  • I will still be posting my poetry and my written works here
  • I will be posting lifestyle type of content (essentials, hacks, etc)
  • I will be posting reviews, inspirations, and rants
  • I will be posting my travels and adventures
  • I will be posting my photography attempts

I hope that I can really keep my promise and post regularly. With this blog repackaging, I hope I can gain more traffic and good reviews.

No to mediocrity!

Photo saved from Google a really long time ago.

Thanks! xx





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