If you happen to be a Filipino like me the word Harana is all too familiar and is a great part of our culture. Here in the Philippines, it is essential for a guy to woo the girl he likes and earn her very precious ‘yes’ for them to officially become a couple. Harana is a very traditional way of courtship, where the guy will serenade the girl usually outside her house, he sings a song in order to express his feelings for the girl, usually accompanied by the sweet notes of a guitar. The guy may be accompanied by his friends in his act of love, and the harana is usually done at night to avoid the daytime heat.
Here is a scene taken from the recently concluded On The Wings of Love, which is a TV series very famous here in the Philippines. Yes, the language spoken is Filipino but hopefully for those who don’t understand the language you will still be able to get the point of harana.

Video from: ABS-CBN entertainment’s YouTube channel

Undeniably, this gesture is sweet and seems almost like something out of a movie. However, this practice done by our ancestors many years ago is hardly done nowadays. Doing this in this era would almost seem like a shock and something out of the ordinary. So why are teens not carrying out this practice today anymore? This is probably due to the rise of social media and the constant evolution and rise of things. One day, stripes could be the trend and the next it’s not. Following trends is a great factor in people’s lives these days, because if you don’t it’s like you’ve missed out. Not much people do harana anymore, and it’s not really a trend, so what’s the point of doing it? Courting someone is so much easier now. A text is sent, a link to a song is sent, a favorite quote is sent, a cute image from Tumblr is sent and you can easily woo the love of your life. This is what is happening. Admit it, you do get the butterflies.

admit it,you’d die of the butterflies if this happened to you. photo from http://www.relatably.com/q/cute-love-quotes-for-your-girlfriend-tumblr

Call me an old soul, but I badly want the traditional ways of courting be revived. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic or what, but thing is nothing is sweeter when you’ve seen someone work hard for a goal and actually get it. I do believe in the quote, “Actions speak louder than words.” As a girl, seeing a guy work hard to earn your special ‘yes’ is proof that he is serious about his intentions is the sweetest thing and if you’re a guy who does this or did this, major props to you!

Basically, harana is outdated to most people already since it is an old practice. But it is an old practice that needs to be revived.


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