if you follow me on Instagram, I have promised to post my review and insights of On the Wings of Love, which has just ended yesterday! I will be writing this post mainly for my fellow Otwolistas and Jadines. Yes, I am fan of the tandem of James Reid and Nadine but I promise to not be biased. Enjoy!

I deeply love the story of On the Wings of Love and really followed it throughout the time it was aired. Of course even if I was a fan of Jadine, I was a bit skeptical of On the Wings of Love or OTWOL. The fear of the show becoming another overly cliche story was hard to suppress, as well as the skepticism of whether James and Nadine would still be as mesmerizing on the TV screen as they were on the movie screens. Yes, I am a fan of theirs but my criticism of shows and their stories still rise over my being of a fan. But after seeing the trailer of the show, my skepticism disappeared especially after learning Ms. Antoinette Jadaone would be directing the show, as I admired her work very much. The story of OTWOL made me very excited; Leah, a hopeful, bubbly girl from the Philippines goes to San Francisco to join a chorale contest and stays longer to be able to earn money for her family back home but her Visa is expiring soon and so she marries Clark, who is a green-card holder to have her own green-card and after earning it she’ll file a divorce. But as the old quote says, “Love moves in mysterious ways.” The two soon fall in love and face challenges every young couple must face, if I do say so myself.

I love the storytelling of the show. The actors have created characters that have come to life and have become so real. The script is superb, with its content and the message it send out. Most of all, it has taken Filipino teleseryes to a whole new level. To be honest, I have slowly lost hope in teleseryes. The plots have become repetitive, with a poor but kind protagonist and an evil and scheming antagonist, blah blah blah. But OTWOL has brought my love for teleseryes back to life. Instead of a human antagonist, the antagonist in Clark and Leah’s story is LIFE itself. And this has been what I’ve been waiting for. #satisfied
The show is also very relatable. As the two main characters learn new things, I found myself learning as well. I have earned many insights because of the show.

5 Insights From On the Wings of Love:
1. Sometimes YOU need to happen first for an US to materialize. Growth is important before getting into a relationship. You need to be mature and truly ready.
2. If it’s meant to be, everything’ll work out. True, nothing beats destiny. Clark and Leah’s happy ending proves that if you’re each others destiny, it’ll happen even after a couple of bumps and storms.
3. Chase your dreams. Never ever forget your dreams. They’ll take you pretty far.
4. Priorities make a hell of a difference. Priorities keep you on track. Yes sometimes you’ll have to compromise and hurt others but having priorities get you one step closer to reaching your dreams.
5. Happiness is really a choice. Your happiness is yours and should never depend on a person. It’ll make you bitter and sad and miss out in life.

I give the cast and crew of On the Wings of Love a humongous round of applause. Thank you for a great show; the great acting and storytelling. I truly believe this show can never be remade. It has created its own legacy and will forever be a part of the history of Philippine primetime television. It has given me as a viewer, so much satisfaction, lessons, and insights.
The show has ended and I will no longer have something to stay up late for and get the feels from. Nonetheless, nothing can ever replace OTWOL’s place in my heart and memories. And the show has made me have an inkling of hope in forever.




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