Forgive my ultra cheesy title that has a tune to it when I say it in my head. But first things first, I am a horrible blogger. My updates take so long and I am not updating religiously, as I should, if I want to be able to have more readers/friends. Anyway, I think the problem here is my procrastinating character and my overthinking. So I will just write. Write my little heart out.

Now I am very sure each one of us are spending their holidays, getting fat because of the abundancy of food around us. And believe me when I say this, I am starting not to get into my favorite pair of shorts. But I’m very sure that as soon as school starts back up, I will lose weight. Need I elaborate? Nah, I don’t think so. We’ve all been there. Oh and let’s not forget the presents we get which sometimes is in the form of cash? Which can help me in my allowance since I spend so much of it on food. #stresseating

Honestly, this year has got to be the laziest I’ve been spending the holidays. I have always been the most Christmasey person in the family. But this year, I became the least.Maybe it’s age or maybe it’s sheer stress. However, as I am writing now, I realize the holidays doesn’t come down to being Christmasey or getting the best presents or pigging out. It’s about having the right spirit. Having the right joy and mindset.

We have to remember that the holidays are there for us to have the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. And yes, for us to unwind. It’s about spreading love and joy. And spreading Christ.

A shorter post but it’s just for me to unwind and chill. Most especially, to get back in the game! Seriously, I really need a rhythm to get into concerning my blogging.



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