Another poem! This time inspired by first love and my fave OTP from my classroom! It’s kinda sloppy because it’s unedited, just so you know.

Enjoy lovelies xx

Will It Last?

Her stomach is full of fluttering butterflies
Her hands are shaking
His heart is pounding
His hands are sweating

Is this how you feel when you’re in love?
When you’ve met someone you feel different about?
Is this how you feel in front of someone you admire?
When you meet someone and it seems your souls are in line?

The smell of flowers become more fragrant
Little babies become cuter
His eyes become more dreamy
All this because you are in love

He leaves you notes in your locker
You send him the album of the band he’s into
He sends you flowers on your birthday
You give him the backpack he’s been eyeing

A thousand texts sent back and forth
Date nights from 8 till 10
Endless declarations of love
And a million photographs to remember by

When you wake up he is the first you think about
And she is the last you think about before you sleep
Your worlds revolve around each other
Like the planets revolving around the sun

But in the long run
As the days turn to weeks
And the weeks turn to months
The question is: will this last?

Will your little world last?
Will it be for forever?
Are you destined?
Are you mean to be?


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