School Life

As much as I hate to make this blog all about me, I have to for the sake of my grades and because of my persistent teacher(you know who you are!). I hate it when I post something because I’m forced to! UHHH! Honestly, I hate making my blog all about me. I want my blog to be relatable to my visitors, my readers. It’s nice to know I am not alone on this journey called LIFE, and know that I have a lot of people on this same journey.

However, this is only temporary and I will be calling the shots and posting what I want soon. Please be patient with me in the meantime!

So anyway, the topic assigned was about our school. I go to Trinity Christian School in Bacolod. I will not talk about the education I get there but talk about my favorite spots at school and my woes because of my schoolwork. Please forgive me if I become emotional, hormonal, whatever. Comment down below what are your school woes after reading, by the way!

These photos are some of my memorable and favorite spots.

So the first photo I took is a view of our “mini forest” from the covered court. I remember taking this during PE class (haha, rebel!). Looking back it was a relief I wasn’t caught- maybe I’m a ninja, an awkward ninja. Paper Towns reference! The photo below to it is from the “mini forest.”

And, guys! Meet Skelly- that’s just what I call him- the skeleton in the chemistry laboratory. He doesn’t talk much but he’s okay. He also lets me hold his hand. Below that is our hallway that is slick with floor wax and has caused me many embarrassing moments and close calls. When it isn’t class time it is filled with noise from students.

Yesterday, there happened to be a basketball game and I just took a photo of it I guess. And the last photo are some kids playing. Too cute, at least I think so.

As promised I will now talk about my SCHOOL WOES.

  1. PROJECTS, PROJECTS, PROJECTS. Quizzes, seatworks, homework, worksheets, and exams are enough. Add projects to the mix and say hello to more sleepless nights.
  2. MEMORIZING. I have a bad memory. I’m a granny.
  3. PE CLASS. I am one of the most unathletic people out there. PE is tough for me. Is it tough for you, guys?
  4. LINING UP AT THE CANTEEN. Lining up takes half of our 40 minute lunch time! So do I just inhale my food?
  5. MATH. I am very bad with numbers and I find it really hard to process a problem. If you love Math, I’m not trying to offend you and I wish I loved Math like you do.
  6. STRESS. You can’t avoid stress. If you ain’t stressin you ain’t human.

Despite my woes, I’d have to say that I do love my school. I enjoy learning. I know sometimes it’s hard and gets stressful but it’s for our future. And I must say, I am getting the education I deserve at my school. Sometimes, I get pushed to my limits but you gotta keep working. No one likes a quitter.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. -Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela also said:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela

If so, then I gotta go through high school, finish my education to change the world. My weapon is my education.

The sky be lookin’ fly

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Take an artsy photo of the hallway while it’s empty!
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