The weekend! Usually my weekends are spent at home, with me totally being anti-social and on the Internet. But this Saturday I decided to go out of my cocoon and head out to watch a movie: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2!

I went with my squad= my siblings.They laughed at me bringing around my Olympus digital camera, and joked at me being a ‘blogger.’ Even if I  don’t consider my self as one.

Anyway, we went to the SM cinema, but decided to have lunch beforehand. We ended up at Bonchon Chicken. The food made my tummy happy! Of course, along with good food comes great conversation! A fact about me is I enjoy talk over food. I really love those moments.

After lunch, we went to the cinema and bought our tickets for the movie. Despite being full from our meal, we still bought popcorn. I mean, you just can’t eradicate popcorn when you’re watching a movie. It seems wrong to go in the cinema without popcorn! Especially if it’s cheese popcorn… Oh my gosh, I am making myself hungry thinking about it.I know I’m a little late for Mockingjay Pt. 2, but better late than never, you know? I just had to watch the movie since I am a BIG fan, both of the books and the movie! I felt like I had to see the movie in the cinema right before my eyes before I could bid my favorite series goodbye. I found myself crying not because (spoiler alert if you still haven’t seen the movie!) Prim or Finnick died but because the series ended!

Anyway, a great applause to the Hunger Games! I’ll always love it, always treasure it, and I might show it to my grandchildren when they turn 13. Just kidding, I’m too young to think about that kind of stuff. But I might! You never know, you never know! I don’t want to turn this post all Hunger Games-ified, so I might make a separate post about that.

Today, I did my usual routine. I went to church with my family, ate lunch at my grandma’s, went home, and here I am, writing about my weekend. All in all, I’d say my weekend was great! Amazing even. Nothing beats the time you spend with the people you love.


Note: All photos were taken by me

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