So this is something I wrote for school. We were tasked to make a magazine concerning love, courtship, and dating- and don’t even ask me why. And this is something I came up with, inspired by a show very famous here in the Philippines: On The Wings of Love. I personally never have been in a relationship but I am the type of friend you have that gives you love advice. Trust me, I have been in way too many conversations with friends that are heartbroken. I have realized that yes, love is so complicated, and truth is what I wrote is actually what I stand for and believe in.

Enjoy lovelies xx

He’s going away. Leaving you. Maybe for a short time span, maybe for forever. But how do you make him stay? Make him realize what he’s doing is wrong. That you’re supposed to be together FOREVER. But he’s loosening his grip on you, he’s taking a deep breath, he’s moving out the door, he’s leaving. He’s gone.

Now you’re alone. You’re miserable. You’re hurt. You’re not yourself because you’ve lost your other half. And you’re wallowing in your own pity party. You watch sappy rom-coms, eat ice cream out of the carton, and do all the stuff you told yourself you wouldn’t do. All you really want for him is to come back and stay, stay with you.

But can you make him stay? Maybe, you can try. But once his mind’s all made up, you really can’t. He has his own choices and decisions. Sometimes, our hearts get in the way of life and maybe that’s all he really wants: to live life on his own terms. So when he loosens his grip on you and he walks away, let him go. Let him have his freedom- without you- strange as it might sound. Let him have a taste of the world he knows. Let him know the freedom he needs for how long he wants until he’s had enough or until he’s ready. Until he has found his way and himself. Sometimes HE need to happen before there’s an US.

Hope and pray he’ll realize the void in his heart, the one only you used to fill. Pray that one of the twists and turns on his life’s road eventually lead back to you or that after he’s taken a thousand steps away from you, he has grown and will take another thousand and hundred steps back to you. You have to hope and pray that one day he’ll wake up and realize he missed everything about you and he’ll come back. That maybe he’ll realize how much he misses you and how much he needs you. The ones you love will always come back for you.

At the end of that rough road, and you’re still there waiting, it means one thing: you’re meant to be together. Your names and love story are etched on a stone tablet. Nothing can break you. He’s for you and you’re for him. You both are DESTINED for each other. And maybe you can hold hands together forever.


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