Maybe Not

So I want to share a poem I wrote about broken friendship. Poetry is not one of my strengths, so I’m sorry if it’s not the best poem. It’s free-versed because I didn’t really bother to follow any patterns and rhymed words; I was really in a moment of nostalgia as I was writing. I was thinking of friends I lost, not only because of fights but for so many reasons too.

Actually, the main inspiration or the biggest reason I wrote this is because my friend and I recently had a falling out. And the result? This poem.

P.S. There’s something wrong with the formatting of the poem too. Peace.

Maybe Not

It’s truly strange to see you in a different light
It doesn’t seem right
I can’t believe how we used to know each other
Just like the back of our hands

They say it takes time to build a friendship
But they didn’t say how swift it can tumble down
Like a tower taking years to complete
But ruined all because of an earthly shake

I can’t even remember whose fault it was
Was it just a petty fight?
Was I ignorant, was I insensitive?
Was I not enough of a friend?

Now you are a ghost of the better days
Before we drifted away
You are a nostalgic memory
Only a mere thought away

But know this, I did get hurt
Because I loved you so
I may have not shown it much
But that is how I feel

I am still hurting, regretting
Playing endless scenes in my mind
“What could have I done?” I ask myself
Maybe I could’ve saved our friendship

Maybe we’ll rekindle what was lost
Forgive each other and ourselves
Make new memories
But in the back of my mind, maybe not


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